Latest Trends: Summer- Super Natural

Summer 2015: Natural Beauty

As we head into summer, the UK is starting to see a bit of sun, at last! This year’s summer makeup look is completely natural. Now girls don’t you worry, there are many ways you can create this look, without having to bare all.

This super natural trend is all about glowing skin, bright nails and a bit of gloss. But of course, everyday makeup products can be included. I have searched the internet for you all, and done a little bit of research to find some great summer makeup products to suit this trend!


I am not a fan of BB & CC creams, as they do not give me the coverage that I need. I have acne scarring on my face, so I do like quite a bit of coverage. I was recently given a sample of the Dead Sea Spa Magik BB cream and was pretty impressed when I tried the product! The price is £13.50 for a 50ml tube, which isn’t too bad, but I think that if there is one makeup product that I would want to spend my money on, it would be a skin related.summer 2015 dead sea spa

This BB cream comes in one colour, which at first I thought was a bit strange, but after reading reviews and trying it out myself, I realised that it adapts to your own natural skin colour (pretty cool huh)! However, this product is only suitable for light to medium skin tones! I would also say that this BB cream is only suitable for those with dry or combination skin. I have oily skin and I especially struggle with oiliness on and around my nose, chin, under eyes and cheekbones. Using powder over this BB cream really helped to reduce shine, however this only lasted for a couple of hours. I think this is a great product for those lazy days you have at home, or for when you need to pop out to the shops. If you have dry/combination I believe this product would work much better for you than myself, and you could definitely get away with wearing this all day and for nights out.

The coverage is buildable, therefore on those days where maybe you aren’t feeling too good about your skin; just quickly add another layer and then you’re ready to go. Overall, i feel this is a great product for the super natural, summer trend.

Here is the link for you all if you are interested!


For lips I love the Avon Colour Trend Read My Lips Lip Gloss! The price is price: £1.95 reduced from £3.75, There are 7 lip gloss colours to choose from, including nude and purple.

summer 2015 lips

All Avon products are available to buy online, and you can also buy through your local Avon representative (which is my personal preference). I receive an Avon catalogue every so often, and I have to admit that I love looking through it.

The nude or clear lip gloss would be a great option for a natural look!

Again here is the link:


I have the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in black/brown, it is also waterproof which is a bonus. It is priced at £10.99.This mascara does not budge and you will need water proof makeup remover, to completely remove any last trace of mascara.

summer 2015 maxfactor

I was expecting it to be a very dark grey brown colour, however when I first opened the product, I was quite surprised how light the mascara was. To be honest, I thought I had wasted my money. After trying the mascara I completely changed my mind! It actually dries really dark and almost give the effect of a black mascara, but looks slightly more natural. It lasts all day and does not flake or smudge, which is amazing!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried either of these products and your opinions on them!


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