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New Look Makeup Review

Re: New Look Makeup Test – Hi Everyone, I am back! Sorry its been so long, I have been so busy with college and work, and have had no spare time to write-up another blog post. I have literally had exams and assignments, pretty much every week and its probably going to be like this for another 5/6 months. Oh well, better get on with it.

Anyway, I thought I would review the New Look Makeup range for you all, as I think most people try to avoid buying makeup from stores such as this (Primark, Topshop, H&M). I currently work for New Look in their Milton Keynes MK1 retail park, and have been with the company for nearly 2 years. The company has come on leaps and bounds since I first started working for them, so you really should pop in to your local store for a look.

I will just also point out that this blog post is not sponsored at all, and all of these views are completely my own. So let’s get started, as there are quite a few products to get through!

New Look Makeup

Pure Colour Foundation: (in Porcelain) Click Here

New Look Makeup Foundation Concealer Powder
Available in 5 different shades

I have to admit, I was a bit unsure about buying this product because foundation for me, is the most important makeup item to get right from the outset (as everything else is layered on top).

I must quickly point out that the colour wasn’t as pale as I thought it would be. I personally avoid the colour porcelain in foundations, because it’s too light for my complexion. Hence, I would say the foundation is quite dark compared to your typical porcelain colour. Bare in mind that Porcelain coloured foundations from the major brands such as Revlon & Max Factor tend to have pink undertones. This particular product has more of a yellow undertone, so I recommend that you try before you buy.

All of us have different skin types (oily, combination, normal & dry) and despite what a lot of manufacturers claim about their product suiting every skin type, very few actually do!

I therefore naturally assumed that this foundation was not going to be for everyone. I have pretty oily skin, and so I thought I would put it to the test over a few weeks. When testing a foundation, it is always important to test it in different environments. Foundations, will act differently in different temperatures (cold, hot, different humidities). This is down to the way that we all perspire differently and how a foundation is affected by such perspiration.

The first time that I tried this foundation, I was initially impressed at the look and coverage that the foundation had achieved and the apparent longevity of the product (6/7 hours). It was a cold day and I was inside as opposed to being out and about. I only had to powder once throughout the day.

Since then, I have tried this foundation whilst I have been at college and work, and have been less impressed with its staying power performance. However, for the money it’s not a bad product (£4.99).

I feel that most people with combination to oily skin could be quite happy with this product on day’s where physical activity is limited. I would also say that this foundation probably won’t be as effective for my skin type (oily) during the summer. As mentioned before,this foundation claims it is designed for combination skin. I think you could get on with this product if you have what I refer to as ‘slightly oily’ or ‘combination skin’. Hence, I am happy to suggest giving this product a go if you fall into this category.

This New Look makeup foundation is meant to give a medium coverage, although in my personal experience, I would say that it is more of a ‘light to medium’ coverage. Of course, it also depends on how you personally like to apply your foundation.

So for me, I will continue to use this product on colder days, and will see how it performs when summer finally arrives.

Overall 3.5/5 (value for money) 

Pure Colour Concealer: (01 Ivory) Click Here

New Look Makeup foundation concealer
Foundation & Concealer in Porcelain

Next up is the New Look makeup concealer, which is designed to cover up dark circles and blemishes. I would say that this concealer is pretty reasonable for the price.. The coverage is light to medium depending on how much you apply, and it also is quite a good price (currently on offer £3.19 reduced from £3.99). I would probably avoid this concealer if you have acne, because the coverage would not be good enough (acne suffers tend to need a full coverage concealer). I can get away with this concealer at the moment because my skin is in such good condition, and I also find it is really nice a light underneath my eyes.

Overall- 3/5

Pure Colour Pressed Powder: (01 Porcelain) Click Here
I really like this pressed powder from the New Look makeup range, because it gives a really nice matte effect to the skin when it is applied over any foundation. It contains vitamins E & A, which are both really good or your skin, and it is also SPF 15. The powder is paraben free and only costs £4.99.

Watch this product In action: Click Here

Overall- 4.5/5

Pure Colour Mattifying Primer: Click Here

New Look Makeup Primer

This is going to sound pretty crazy but… this primer is AMAZING! I haven’t yet tried a mattifying primer that actually does work for my skin type. It doesn’t feel like most matte primers that have a really silky, velvety texture and I really do not get on with primers that feel like that. I only need to use a very small amount of this product, and I apply it using my fingers to my nose, forehead, chin and cheeks. You most probably could use a brush to apply this as well! I might even try mixing it with a few of my medium to full coverage foundations, just to see if it makes any difference. I have also been using my Estée Lauder matte perfecting primer which I love, but I much prefer this one, and it is so much cheaper. Only £6.99! It works just as well as the Estée Lauder one, and you just cannot go wrong with the price. This is without doubt one of my favourite products from the New Look Makeup range.


Pure Definition Eyebrow Pencil: (29) Click Here

I really like this eyebrow pencil because, the formulation of the product is quite soft making it easy to blend and apply. It is also a bargain at £1.99!

Overall- 3.5/5

Pure Colour Eyeshadow Crayon: (in 20) Click Here

These eyeshadow sticks are very good for £2.99 (currently on offer £2.39). This shade that I have is a beautiful shimmery brown. I personally think that these crayons are very long-lasting, super creamy and easy to blend. I would like to see more colours in range, such as purples, warm copper tones and maybe even some plum/burgundy shades.

Overall- 3.5/5

Pure Colour Eyeshadows: Click Here
For this part, I am going to talk about the 2 eyeshadow palettes as a whole and then I will talk about the single baked eyeshadows.

These eyeshadows are also very reasonable for their price.. I have two palettes, the one on the far left (warm nudes) and the other on the right (brown pattern). I will just point out that the warm nudes palette isn’t available online anymore, as it was brought out when New Look first unveiled their makeup range. Since then, I believe that they have improved and brought out a new formula of eyeshadows and that may be why they aren’t available online any more. I actually quite like both of these palettes from New Look makeup, and I would definitely say that the brown pattern palette has a much nicer texture to the warm nudes palette. The eyeshadows are quite pigmented for their price of £4.99, and I have enjoyed using them to create a natural brown toned makeup look. If you are interested in trying the warm nudes palette, it may be worth asking someone in store to check their makeup stock in the draw to see if they still have these palettes. Last time I checked in my own store, we had a few of these palettes left but in different shades.

I also have their baked eyeshadow in the colour gold 93,  although I would say it is definitely a Khaki eyeshadow with some slight flecks of gold shimmer running through it. I really love the colour of this eyeshadow, and I think It looks really great with my eye colour (hazel).

I would say that the only down side of these eyeshadows in general are that you do get a bit of fall down, so I would either suggest doing your eye makeup first or using shadow shields/tissue/tape underneath your eyes to avoid it ruining you base makeup. Fall down in eyeshadows doesn’t bother me to much, because all you need to do is take a clean fan brush, and gently flick away the pigments. It also would be nice to see New Look bring out even more colours to this range, and to make their eyeshadows even more pigmented!

Overall- 3/5

New Look Makeup eyeshadow crayon eyeliner
Brown Pattern Eyeshadow Palette, Eyeshadow Crayon & Eyebrow Pencil

New Look Makeup eye swatches

New Look Makeup eyeshadow warm nudes

New Look Makeup extra eye swatches
Gold Baked Eyeshadow (pictured top) & Warm Nudes Palette (pictured bottom)

Pure Colour Contour Palette: (29 Brown Pattern) Click Here

New Look Makeup contour

New Look Makeup contour swatches
Ash Brown Shade, Warm Brown Shade & Yellow Highlight Shade

This contour palette from New Look Makeup is actually really good! I have been using it for quite a while now and I enjoy using it a lot. It comes with 3 different shades; the first is a grey toned (or ashy) brown which you can use to contour, the second shade is a warm brown for bronzing and warming up the skin, and the third is a light yellow toned highlighter which can be used on the bridge of the nose, centre of the forehead, on the tops of your cheekbones and on your brow bone. These shades are all completely matte, and give a nice natural contour effect to the skin. This palette will also last you ages!

Overall- 4/5

Watch this product In action: Click Here

Pure Colour Black Liquid Dip Eyeliner: (top of image) Click Here

New Look Makeup mascara and eyeliners
This is a water resistant eyeliner, that is super pigmented and last a very long time. I really like this product, however I am really not a fan of the applicator within the product.  It is quite a thick applicator which makes it difficult to control where you are applying the product. I’d suggest using an angled brush along with this product to create a proper winged eyeliner, because the formulation of the eyeliner itself is good.

Overall- 3/5 (value for money)

Pure Colour Ink Eyeliner: (bottom of image)

This eyeliner has been designed so much better that the water resistant one. I love the eyeliner so much and I can always create a lovely precise winged line using this product. The nib at the end is really thin so you can create a gradual, sharp flick. Only one slight criticism, if you leave the lid of the product for too long, it can start to dry up. However, this can be resolved by just wiping the whole applicator onto the back of your hand to distribute the product down the applicator.


Pure Lashes Black Mascara: Click Here

Now girls, I have found an absolute beauty within the New Look makeup range, and I cannot believe how good this mascara is! It is £4.99, which is such an amazing price considering how incredible this mascara is.

It is honestly one of the best mascaras I have ever used, and beats the Maybelline the falsies push up drama mascara. I know, pretty crazy stuff! I have had so many compliments from so many people, saying how long and full my eyelashes look. In fact, I had a couple of people ask me where I got my fake eyelashes from, and I had to explain that I wasn’t wearing any!!!

This mascara does exactly what it says on the tin. It separates out each individual lash, whilst adding length and volume. The applicator is honestly fantastic and gives a beautiful effect to the lashes without any clumping. Although the mascara does take a little while to dry, I love it so much and I will definitely be purchasing another when this one runs out! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new, amazing mascara to try out.

Suggestion for New Look Makeup team: Create a waterproof version of this product and you will be on to a total winner!

Overall- 5/5

Watch this product In action: Click Here

Pure Colour Eyeliner Pencil: 01 (black) & 24 (brown) Click Here

New Look Makeup eye pencils

These eyeliners are so good for £1.99! I have two, one in black and the other a dark brown. They are very long lasting, easy to blend and almost have a soft and slightly creamy texture making them easy to apply. The pigmentation overall is good, and I would love to see New Look Makeup bring out even more colours in this range because they are very good for £1.99.

Overall- 4/5

Watch this product In action: Click Here

Pure Colour Lip Liner: 61 (bright red), 23 (nude), 72 (pink/nude) & 68 (plum) Click Here

New Look Makeup lip liner

New Look Makeup lip liner pencils
Nude (23), Bright Red (61), Plum (68) & Pinky Nude (72)

I currently have 4 of these lip liners, and I am definitely considering buying the rest of the colours in the collection. Again like their eyeliner pencils, they have such a lovely, creamy and soft texture, making them very easy to apply and blend. I personally don’t see the point in investing lots of money into lip liners, as long as they are reasonably pigmented and easy to apply, then they will do their job. I would very much recommend these lip liners, because they are really fantastic for £1.99.

Overall- 4/5

Pure Colour Lipsticks: 73 (mid pink), 23 (mink), 77 (fuscia), 58 (aubergine), 17 (camel), 71 (candy pink) Click Here 

New Look Makeup lipstick

New Look Makeup lipstick colours
Fuscia, Candy Pink, Aubergine, Mink & Camel

Wow! These lipsticks are surprisingly very good! They feel quite moisturising on the lips and the pigmentation isn’t too bad for £3.99 as well (Bargain!). I would say that the longevity of these lipsticks, isn’t as long as I would like, but I am not generally fussed about reapplying my lipstick when I need too, so this doesn’t bother me too much. There is a good variety of colours within the New Look makeup range, so it is definitely worth giving these lipsticks a go.

Overall- 3/5

Pure Colour Lipstick Crayons: 65 (plum), 17 (nude) Click Here

New Look Makeup lip pencil crayon

New Look Makeup Lip Swatches

These lip products are probably the most moisturising on the lips out of all of the New Look Makeup lip products. I love how these lipsticks apply, and they are really super easy to use. These do not require sharpening, as they are twist up lip crayons which is fantastic. They have a really lovely shine to them, and give the appearance of fuller looking lips.

Overall- 3.5/5

Pure Colour Nail Polish: 24 (mocha), 08 (light grey), 21 (light brown), 41 (navy) & 71 (matte candy pink) Click Here 

New Look Makeup Nails

New Look Nail Polish Makeup
Mocha, Navy, Light Brown, Light Grey & Candy Pink

These New Look nail polishes are £2.99, and are available in lots of different textures and finishes. The pigmentation is very good, and they are super easy to apply due to their large applicator. They also dry quite fast and some of the polishes only need one coat. The only thing that I don’t like about these nail polishes is their longevity. However for a nail polish that only costs £2.99, you can’t complain!

Having said that, New Look have recently just brought out a gel version of this polish. I have actually got one of these gel polishes, but unfortunately could not find it! These gel polishes are so much better, and are definitely worth looking into because they are fantastic! They longevity is so much better than the first line, and the have a high shine finish too!

Overall (normal pure colour polish)- 3/5 pure colour gel polish 3.5 or 4/5

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this New Look Makeup blog post and have found it useful. There are definitely quite a few products that are worth trying (like that amazing mascara!!). Please let me know your thoughts on any of these products if you have tried them. New Look are also starting to bring out a few more products such as bb creams and foundation contour sticks (so let me know if you would like me to review them). Thank you for reading!

Enjoy my lovelies, Nina x


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