Review: Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks

Time for my first review on the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks!

review revlon ultra hd lipsticks

I was shopping on the boots website about a month ago, and came across an advert for these lipsticks. The advert showed swatches of all of the Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks, and I thought I would give them a go. I have always been a fan of the classic nude coloured lipstick and I really do think it Is the perfect shade to all makeup looks. My lips are quite dry and tend to get worse as we head in to winter. Over the last year or so, I have really got into wearing bright and funky coloured lipsticks, so I thought that I would purchase a couple of different colours and give them a go.

These lipsticks are available from both Superdrug and Boots.

To make it easy for you all, I have decided to review in a simple way, with out rambling on (I really hate reading through super long reviews). I have broken it down in catagories, and given each of those a rating out of 5 and an overall rating.

Packaging: The packaging is really simple, but looks quite expensive and the lid clips on nicely, so you won’t lose it.angle 2 revlon ultra hd lipsticks

Rating- 3.5/5

Smell: I was really surprised by the smell of these lipsticks. I didn’t expect them to smell so good! They are really fruity, and you can definitely smell the scent when on your lips! I know not everyone’s a fan on this scent, but for me it’s perfect!

revlon ultra hd lipsticks lip collection

Rating- 5/5

Longevity: Although I love this product, I found that the lipstick does last long on my lips and you will need to reapply it after an hour or two.

Colour range: These lipsticks come in 14 different colours, there is a colour for everyone! There are 3 reds, 4 pinks, 3 orange/corals, 3 plums and 1 nude. The shades that I currently have are camelia (nude), hibiscus (coral), rose (pink), orchid (pink) and geranium (orange). I really hope that Revlon bring out even more shades!

revlon ultra hd lipsticks bright orange
Lipstick: Geranium
revlon ultra hd lipsticks orange light
Lipstick: Hibiscus
revlon ultra hd lipsticks camelia
Lipstick: Camelia
revlon ultra hd lipsticks bright pink
Lipstick: Orchid
rose revlon ultra hd lipsticks
Lipstick: Rose

Rating- 4/5


The formula of the ultra HD lipsticks are really creamy and are almost like lip butters. They are super hydrating and do not make my lipstick feel dry at all. They also do not bleed (which is a bonus), so you do not have clean up the edges. The lipstick also looks really shiny and nourishing  on the lips.

Rating- 4/5

Over all I would give these lipsticks 3.7/5 3.7/5

The Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks are my current favourite lipsticks, and I am certainly planning on buying more from the collection. Thank you for reading! I hope this review has helped you out if you are considering to buy these lipsticks.


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