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Tanya Burr’s Makeup Line:

Today I am back with a review of the Tanya Burr cosmetics range; I’ve been so excited to review this for you all! I recently won a competition with feel unique, and the prize I won was the Tanya Burr makeup range.
I have a few lip glosses from Tanya’s previous lipgloss collection, and I really do love them. I was so excited to see the new range, along with the new packaging and products. In fact I nearly bought a load of the new products about half an hour before I was notified that I had won.

Let’s start with the lip glosses.

tanya burr collection lip

The new, updated packaging for the lip glosses is so nice, they definitely look more expensive than the previous, and they certainly look even prettier sitting on my dressing table, in my room. The smell is completely different to the last ones too, although I can’t exactly work out what the scent is.. It smells lovely though.

The formula of the glosses are good too! I don’t really tend to wear lip gloss, and I’m not really keen on how it feels on my lips (I am definitely a lipstick junkie); however, these lip glosses feel like no other. They feel very moisturising, do not feel sticky and they last a long time. I also love the fact you can build up the colour to how you want it, as sometimes I only want a hint of colour. They look super shiny on the lips too, and don’t feel drying at all. The nude colours are beautiful, and there is one for every skin colour. The pinks are also very pretty and the reds look great after a couple of layers. I like anything red on the lips to be full on red rather than a hint, but the glosses still look really nice with just one layer (that’s my personal preference). The dark colours are amazing, berry picking is more red toned and chocolate fondue is more of a brown tone. My favourites at the moment are probably chocolate fondue and day dream. These glosses are really fantastic, and I would highly recommend them.


red tanyatanya red and pink

tanya lip

Nail polishes:

These are literally amazing! I much prefer using Gelish or shellac on my nails, which are polishes that are applied like normal, but are cured under a UV lamp to dry them. However, these nail polishes are unbelievably good and easy to use, making them perfect to use for every day wear. Most of you will not know this, I work as a sales advisor at New Look, and there is a lot of manual work involved from carrying things around to tidying. I usually wear normal nail polish to work and it always comes off at the end of my shift. I decided to test out this nail polish the other day, and it is one of best nail polishes that I’ve tried, HONESTLY! Out of all nail polishes I have tried, these have lasted the longest, and also do not chip as easily. To make them last even longer, use a top and a base coat if you are considering buy one. They are very pigmented, and some only need one coat. The lighter colours, such as frosting cupcakes and mini marshmallows will need at least two coats but they are still amazing. The nail polish range comes with : 2 purples, 2 reds, 1 coral, 3 pinks, 1 blue/green, and a grey. My current favourites are grand mother and duvet day.

tanya nail swatches

nail polish for tanya

tanya nails
Brow & eyeshadow palettes:

I was super excited about trying the brow palette, as it is a completely new product to the range. It comes with 4 different colours: a highlighting shade (fairy cake), an ash blonde (pebble), a light brown (chestnut) and a dark brown (hot cocoa). There is a shade for everyone, unless you like to fill your eyebrows in with black.. The brow shadows are very pigmented, very easy to apply and they also don’t fall down or look cakey. I like to apply any brow powder with my Real Techniques brow brush, which is amazing, however I have used the angled brush that comes with the palette and it’s actually not bad. It is very small, so I wouldn’t use it at home, but if you are going away then it’s an alright size and it fits inside the palette. This brow palette also comes with tweezers which again are very small, but the same applies, I’m sure they are great if you are going away. Overall it is a really good brow palette, I think all of us prefer using our own brushes though for applying product.

tanya eyebrows

These are also new edition to the collection, 3 eyeshadow palettes: fairy tale, galaxy and the Hollywood palette. I absolutely love the packaging for these products, it is very different from most eyeshadow palettes. All the eyeshadows are really good quality, and blend very nicely too. The colours included In the fairy tale palette are: cream tea (a matte light cream), velvet cushion (a light brown), alohomora (shimmery grey/brown), and witches cat (matte black). The Hollywood palette includes: nude delight (matte pale nude), gold coin (light shimmery gold), enchantment (shimmery bronze/brown) and book work (matte light brown). And finally, the galaxy palette includes: snowflake (shimmery white), moonlight (shimmery silver), stormy sky (matte muted purple) and starry night (shimmery black with silver glitter). Some of these shades are really amazing, and very pigmented, the lighter shades are good too especially as a base for your shadow. My favourite shades are moonlight and enchantment, they are probably two of the most pigmented shades all the palettes (except starry night and witches cat, the two blacks which are fantastic).

tanya palettes
And finally lashes:

I have already tried Tanya’s individual and everyday flutter lashes and I love them, so I was really looking forward to trying the other two, date night and Bambi eyes. The individual lashes come in 3 lengths short, medium and long. I have only used the short and medium, as personally think that the long individual lashes are always too long. You still could easily use them if you are maybe doing a Halloween or a special occasion makeup. The everyday flutter lashes are my favourite, as they are only half the normal size of a strip lashes and fit perfectly on the out part of your eye. These are really good for both everyday wear or for an evening look, and you can add mascara over the top to blend it into your own lashes to make them darker and thicker. Both the Bambi eyes and date night lashes are very, very long and will look great for a special occasion. I think that the date night lashes are better than the Bambi eyes lashes, because they look a lot more natural on. If you take a look at the pictures below, you can see that they look like individual lashes, but all on a strip lash, where as the Bambi eyes lashes are more spread out and are longer too.

tanya eyelash collection

tanya lashes

Over all, Tanya’s collection is fabulous and I would definitely recommend you go and check it out! All products are available in Superdrug and on Feel Unique.

I would also love to take the opportunity to thank Feel Unique and of course the beautiful Tanya Burr for picking me! I love the products and I can not wait to see what other products you have hidden up your sleeves!

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