A Beautiful Wedding: My Outfit & Makeup

Wedding Guest Makeup & Outfit:

Hello everyone, I recently attended a family members wedding at Epsom Race course and I thought what better than to do a blog post, on my outfit and makeup for the day.

wedding Epsom race

wedding nina outfit

I had a fabulous day, by far the best Indian wedding that I have been too (as I have attended a lot of Indian wedding’ throughout my life). The reception was completely unexpected. We were waiting a little while to get into the venue, but as soon as I walked in, I could definitely see why there was a wait. The couple had chosen an African themed wedding, and the hall was pretty much turned into a Jungle, with trees, animal printed tables and chairs, and even a real anaconda (my absolute worst nightmare)! The food was amazing and not forgetting to mention the entertainment..


Here I have put together a collage of my full outfit.

wedding guest outfit

 I didn’t have time to get myself a traditional sari, and they are also quite expensive, so instead I chose a beautiful floral maxi dress from New Look for £22.99. I work at New Look, so when I saw this dress in my store, I instantly purchased it as I thought it would be a perfect, and cheaper alternative to a sari. The dress has quite a high neck line, but because I’m 5″2 (and a bit), I had to adjust the straps and make them shorter to make sure the dress didn’t drape or look loose. The back of the dress is quite low and actually looks really nice on! I’m not really ever keep on dresses with a low back but this one was just right. The dress also has a split on the left side which I love!
The flowers in the dress are a very light pink/coral, and have got a bit of burgundy in them too. The leaves of the flowers are green and teal.

I did struggle to find a pair shoes to go with this dress, but I thought the best option was tan or nude. Black would be too harsh, and it would also be really difficult to find the right teal colour to match the dress. Therefore I picked these tan sandals for only £22.99 and they worked really well. These shoes are super comfy and I managed to last a good 10 hours in these!

For my bag I picked this snakeskin clutch for £12.99 to match the flowers. I did want a bag to match the colour of my shoes, but again it was extremely difficult to find the exact tan colour.


Days before the wedding I was practicing and playing around with different coloured eyeshadows and lipsticks that I could wear. I then wore this natural smoky brown makeup look to work one day, and realised how green it made my eyes look. Therefore I thought this would be perfect with a nude lip to wear on the day.

Here are the products I used:

Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation- £32.00, Fiji
Seventeen Stay Time Concealer- £4.49, fair
Bourjois Healthy Compact Powder- £8.99, Vanille
Sleek Contour kit- £6.49, Light
Body Shop Blusher (discontinued) – alternative Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace (middle shade) £10.00
Seventeen Brows That! Brow kit- £5.99
Maybelline Palette The Nudes- £9.99 (lid- 4th along from the left on the top row, crease- 4th along from the left on the bottom row)
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner- £7.99, black
Rimmel Kajal Eye Pencil- £2.99, sable brown
Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara- £7.99, black
Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Masacara- £6.99, black
Maybelline Lip liner- £3.99, velvet beige
Maybelline Colour sensational stripped nudes Lipstick- £6.99, 725 Tantalizing Taupe

I’m sure all you ladies know how to apply makeup, so I’m just going to write a quick overview of the products I used, as well as the brushes and tools I used to apply them with (and any other tips that I have).

I used much Nars foundation and buffed this into the skin using a real techniques buffing brush. This brush is brilliant for applying foundation and blending In the product. It gives a natural air brushed finish and can be used to create a light or heavy coverage. I applied my concealer to the back of my hand and used my fingers to pat the product onto any blemishes. Applying concealer straight on to any spots, is unhygienic, therefore it is much better to apply it to the back of your hand. I applied powder with a large fluffy brush and patted this onto my skin, to avoid moving my foundation and concealer around (this will stop it from looking streaky).

Use an angle brush for your brows, and conceal around them with a light coverage concealer to sharpen them and give a more defined look.

I used celotape to create a wing for my eyeshadow. Just place this underneath your eye, angling upwards towards the end of your brows. This again will give a sharp line, but of course if you aren’t too sure, you can blend this with a clean fluffy brush. I used the 4th shade along from the left (on the top row) for my lid. Followed by the 4th shade along from the left (on the bottom row) for the crease. You can also use tape for eyeliner to create and guide your flick. I personally think its best to apply concealer under your eyes after you have done your eyeshadow, to remove any fall down. Lightly pat the product onto the skin around your eyes to avoid pulling and stretching the skin. The skin under your eyes is very delicate. Add as many coats of mascara as you want! For this look instead of using lashes, I decided to use two mascara’s, and this made a massive difference.

wedding brown eye

wedding gold eye

I lined my lips with a lip liner quite close to my own natural lip colour, and then applied a light nude lipstick over the top. I then blended the lip liner in slightly to make it look more natural.

lips wedding


I am qualified in Gelish Manicures, so I decided to use a Gelish Polish on my nails. These are super long wearing and do not chip! They can last up to 3 weeks if you aren’t so heavy handed. I used the colour passion ( a coral/bright pink) on my nails to go with the pink flowers on my dress.

I usually get my henna done for Indian weddings, but I really left it last minute this time, so I had to improvise and use… my dad. To be fair he did a pretty good job for a first attempt! He is very creative and good at all that artsy fartsy stuff, so I was quite impressed. Not perfect, but it looked quite alright. I picked out a few images on the internet, so we could take out parts we liked and he came up with this design. The flowers I orignally wanted were way too complicated and actually harder to do than they looked, so he just decided to do these blobs.. Oh well!

wedding henna

Hope you like the finished look! This is super easy to create and if any of you decided to recreate this look with similar or the same products, be sure to tag me on twitter or Instagram.

nina wedding

Thank you for reading, be sure to check back soon for more posts!


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